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Total Wellbeing was founded in 2004 by Sheila Ross Stocker to provide therapies to support the body and the mind towards better health and positive change

After hitting rock bottom Sheila intially sought alternative solutions for her own physical, emotional and mental health. As her health and mindset began to improve she became fascinated with the mind body connection. As well as alternative therapies, Sheila's healing journey included studies in health and social care and social welfare and mind based therapies to help with anxiety, stress and trauma.

Sheilas work with clients is solution rather than problem focussed, and so there are no repeated revisiting of stressful events but a reduction of the feelings and emotions and a working towards desired feelings and outcomes.

Sheila now uses therapies herself as a means to de-stress, relax and to stay healthy and to give her a time out of me time so she can enjoy life more fully.

Sheila's whole person approach tailors therapies to your needs, and help you through the ups and downs of life

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Theta Healing
Hypnotherapy & NLP
Thought Field Therapy
Stress Management
Essential Oils
Hopi Candles

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